About Us

A mix of various fresh spices split in to small bowls on a white surfaceFor those of you who’ve not heard of Sashi’s, or haven’t sampled our premium spice blends, let us share a little of our story….

Sashi’s, a family business offering high-quality spice blends (known as a ‘masala’), ground for an authentic Indian taste. Using mum’s renowned recipes, our masalas are made from a combination of fresh dried spices.

Sashi (mum) took over making home made Chai and Garam masala amongst others from her mum in Africa when she was only 13, since then after moving to the UK her masalas evolved and her product range grew as she started her own business over 30 years ago, selling to friends and family through word of mouth and then further a field as requests started coming in globally. Fast forward into the twenty first century, Sashi has become all web savvy and we have now moved her online...

A bowl of garam masala with a range of fresh raw spices sitting around the bowl on a wooden base

All our masalas are freshly ground, and adhere uncompromisingly to our family’s age-old recipes and traditional methods of preparation.

Our blends are emphatically spice-based (with no ‘filler’ ingredients for customers to contend with), made fresh, and in small batches, thus ensuring a totally pure product.

We specialise in a number of masalas such as Chai, Garam, Chicken, Paneer, Biryani and Fish in our carefully selected range, providing you with only the freshest products made with passion, love, and care from our family to yours...

If you’d like to experience pure, fresh, premium masala spice blends, please place an order with us, and we are confident you will be delighted with the taste our masalas will add to your dishes.

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